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WordPress vs Blogger : Which Is Better Blogger or Wordpress and Why?

Friends, if you are thinking of creating a blog and you must have this question in your mind that dot com is the most correct form or wordpress is correct then keep reading this article because here I am giving you all the differences Tell the truth that will show that wordpress is good for blog or your dot com. First of all, some of the main features that we talk about are the first ones.

WordPress vs Blogger
Which Is Better Blogger or Wordpress and Why?


If we create a blog through wordpress, then there will be the ownership of that job, ie their job will be full credit, you will find it only there, there will be no participation of any kind of third party website and that you will not have blog or website by your name. Can also patent

 On the other end if we talk about creating a website or blog through a blogger, then we need to pay attention to this that is a Google product and that will only provide one page for us, the other which we drank from his honor Hosting will remain with Google because Google is providing hosting to us, we can not take part in ourselves ...


Blogger, if we talk about it, we get very limited thanks to which we can make our blog attractive and beautiful, in which you have a lot of options to modify the blog.

If we talk about wordpress then here you get lots of themes and it helps you to create a very attractive Attractive Block and there are many more features that help you make your blog very beautiful and attractive If you can create wordpress here, it can prove to be very great


As people would know that for hosting a website or blog, we need a lot of hosting, so if we are building our blog or website through wordpress, then we have to buy this hosting with hosting -We also have to buy a domain or if you talk about hosting it can cost you around 1000 to 5000 years because hosting does not provide you wordpress here Does it

On the other hand, if we look at our then you are getting free hosting on the site, which is also provided by Google on Google, where you need to buy domain only where you need to buy domain You will find a good website, if you say Go Go Daddy or even more, you can get this job from there, so our in this case can be great


Next, your control is very important because controlling your blog or website is like giving a lot of attention to its security in a way. Wordpress us control is open source i.e. the person whose blog or website can do the same There you will find a lot of tools in it, which can control your blog or website, but this wordpress proves to be very great with this feature.

And at we have very limited tools available on the basis of which we can control our blog but so much that we can not take advantage of wordpress on the way, if you talk directly, on the control Which is the best wordpress itself


The most important thing that remains is your security, that means how do you protect your blog website here, if you have created your blog or website through wordpress, then it happens that you have bought the hosting there too. Have registered with your name and it becomes very safe for you

 On the other hand, if we talk about then hosting what is there is Google providers and the rest of the things Google is controlling so you can not manage so many things right there. Even on this, there are some things for which you can also give a penalties and your blog can stop it. After some time if you do something against it against its term and condition policy It could also penalties you then

So friends expect that you would have liked this blog and you would have known that our is right to make blocks or wordpress dot com is correct so if you still have any questions in your mind If you have a reaction then you can tell us in a comment and I will reply you there.

Thank you

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