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What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger?

Introduction of Blog, Blogging and Blogger

Hello friends,
What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger Blog? In today's important article we will know what the blog is, or how it works, and in what way we can earn money by writing an article in our blog and putting an addend ad here
If we talk about this time then blogging has become very famous in our country,
Nowadays, blogging has become one of the best online tools to keep your thinking and information in front of the world. Many people are reaching out to people through their information blogs by creating their own blog and being popular through blogging, they are eager to become their separate identity in front of the world.
Although blogging has become a very famous term nowadays and most of the Internet users know about Blog and Blogging, but there are still some people who are not aware of blogging or are still starting about it.
Therefore, today's my entire blog is about Blogging and Blog, so that it can help those who do not know or know about it.
What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger

Today in this post, we will know what are blogging, how to do blogging, and how we can benefit from blogging. So read this whole post that you want to know about blogging and understand about blogs and blogging.
Through this, a lot of people write their poems and other types of things and make a career in the blog and they earn very well, but your entire block will be available to you here.

What is the Blog?

 Guys also can call a website as well as we can say Anything you want to see is anyone you want to download the song. Anyone want to download a movie. Anything you need to get information about, go to Google If you search on and search there, you see a lot of results there and if you open it, you can open a home page just like a website. The requirement that we blog says

What is Blogging?

If Simply we define we share our information in our language as the article in our language, share it with others and give information about anything to others, then they are given through blog only. Looks like our blog website

But we can not do so many things on the blog as many websites can do on the website. We can do everything by the website, its dummy things are more in it and you also have to buy them in the host, but in the blog we do not have to do this. It just writes in the blog and publishes the public so that people can come and read more and get more information from them.

How it works?

Google is the world's largest website or search engine. You all know that you are searching for something on google per day. Google should also have an article that does not have it. i mean What we do not even get to search on google.
To address this problem, google started the blog. First does not support google hindi language but since the time Google has accepted the Hindi language since present time, the number of Hindi bloggers is increasing rapidly.
Actually you have to add it to google after you create a blog i.e. submit it to google search engine. After that whatever you post on your blog, Google will index it and go to post google. From where many people can read it.

How do I create a Blog?

We can create a blog or website from many places, but the most popular are your
 1.WordPress and 2.Blogger
WordPress - WordPress is a great platform through which we can create our own blog and website, but there are some flaws in WordPress such as if we create a blog in WordPress then you will have to buy hosting first, it will be very expensive Could


 We create blogs or websites with, then Google offers the same hosting on Google, and we have to buy the domain there, but we get a domain which is very cheap, that is, there we go. But you will not have to buy much. It will be very good for you. It will also be suitable because you should not have much information here if you come to work even if you have a lot of work. Log can be made there and substantial your website can create!

If you talk about which is best, then according to my blog dot com will be very good for you here!

Cost for Create a Blog?

It does not cost much if you have created the blog in the beginning, then you will not need to buy a domain in the beginning, wait for a few days and after that you earn some 500-600 you can have a month But if you do the same thing with WordPress, then you can read it from 1000 to 5000 rupees because there is one thing you need to buy extra.

So friends, if you liked this blog, then write in the comment and if you have any questions, any feedback, then write it down in your comments, I will definitely give you an answer there and continue reading our blog too, because further we Explain how you can add blogs to your blog, customize the blog and show the blog like a website
Thank you

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