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How To Boost Speed Of Computer, Laptop Or Smartphone

How To Speed ​​Up Computer, Laptop Or Smartphone

The speed of the device is slow to become normal. Whether they are Windows, Mac, this mobile device, their speed becomes slow over time.
When we spend too much time using our device, it gets a lot of digital junk. Includes duplicates, temporary files, and non-essential programs. This junk is created automatically and our device's spece is used by this. Our device speed is slow even in Junk files.

If you are also troubled by this problem and the speed of your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mac or Mobile Phone has become slow, today in this post, we will tell you how to increase the speed of mobile phone, Laptop, PC etc..

So let us know how to increase the Speed ​​and Space of Computer, Laptop or Mobile Phone and how to do it again like a new one.

How To Boost Speed Of Computer, Laptop Or Smartphone

 Speed ​​Boost

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Tools for 2 Mobile Devices
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Computer savvy people know that the speed and space can be increased with the built in features such as Defragment and Compression, but these tools have limitations. Apart from these, there is something that can increase the speed and space of the computer.

Know About Some Such Tools 

Tools for Windows

 Glary Utilities

Computer's slow speed conversion
This is the best free system management tool. With this you can remove duplicates and empty folders and fix bad shortcuts. It offers One Ton Cleanup for Drive Cleanup and different types of Standalone Programs.
It also offers disk explorer, cleaner and duplicate cleaner. If this sounds confusing to you, then you can use System Mechanic's Free Version (


Computer's slow speed conversion
 This is a small and free program that analyzes your entire system. It also looks at the installed apps, OS files and browsers in your system, so that it can detect things that surround the space. The results are arranged under different headers. With this you can identify important files. You can delete Junk on single click. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

TreeSize Free

Computer's slow speed conversion
If you like manual search, you can use Treesize Free. It shows the contents of the hard drive in a tree structure. In this, every folder and file location is presented with file size. This lets you identify at a glance what files or folders are taking more space. You can organize the files based on the name or size of the file and can also filter on the basis of the file type.

Free Tools for Mac


It displays the Drive's Column view. Along with this, you know exactly which space the folder and file is taking. It divides the color code to the contents of the drive. The largest file shows red color, purple color to medium sized file and small files in green.



By default, OS X does not have an application installer and you have to delete the app from the system to remove it from the system. While doing so many Linked Files are back behind. After deleting all related files, AppCleaner deletes the program.


CleanMyMac 2

Those who offer All in One Approach for Disk Management, they can use CleanMyMac. CleanMyMac full system cleanup with a single lycence for $ 39.95. It searches for old files and deletes them. This cleans the iPhoto Library and works on the Automated Schedule. It has built-in installer and extension manager for widgets.

Tools for Mobile Devices

 If you want your mobile device to move comfortably, you have to keep its space free. If your device has a Memory Card slot, insert the memory card into it and move all things from Internal Memory to it.

Apart from this you can clear cash side tap files using some cool apps, you can move files and apps to memory card and clear ram. This will speed up your mobile phone.

Know about some popular apps that can speed up the speed of mobile phones -

Clean Master

 Clean master is absolutely free for Android. There are several Built-in extensions in it. You can delete junk files, clean RAM and clean the memory. It scans anti virus system and apps. Its Privacy Manager protects files from being deleted and installs App Manager applications and boltware. The CPU Boost Feature detects which apps most of the CPUs are

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