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Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day

V:   Valuable
A:   Asset For
L:    Life And Let’s Start An
E:    Everlasting
N:   New Life That’s
T:   Terrific And
I:    Incredible. Let’s Have A
N:  Nice Journey Till
E:   Eternity!

Valentine's Day is a yearly celebration to commend sentimental love, companionship, and esteem. Consistently on fourteenth February individuals praise this day by sending messages of adoration and fondness to accomplices, family, and companions.

The act of sending love messages formed into individuals sending an exceptional card communicating their love. Valentine's Day does not need to be about sentimental love. Valentine's Day can be tied in with praising the affection forever, the adoration for self, the affection for a higher power, the adoration for your locale it very well may be anything you wish. 
Love is a four letter word that comes in all shapes and sizes in the words we address close a telephone call, in the enthusiastic hours we put resources into our interests, and in the heart-molded emoticons, rose ring our fingers rapidly kind of companions. Love will be Love. 
It's seen in numerous snapshots of our lives and each February we get a whole day gave to reminding those important to us of this four letter word. Regardless of whether you are making a note for a companion, a relative or an accomplice, valentine's day statements will enable you to begin and may even move you. 
Entire day with affection and heartiest festival on the planet and furthermore top dimension festivity is in the United States with multi day of treats, blooms, welcoming cards, and sentimental suppers, and different parts of the world have their very own diverse approaches to appreciate the Valentine day is perfectly healthy in the United Kingdom. 
Kinship is a remarkable sort of adoration that may not generally get the credit it merits. Regardless of whether your kinship is increasingly energetic or genuine, sending a Valentine's Day card to your companions is an extraordinary method to remind them the amount you appreciate their conversation. To remind them the individuals who are near your heart what their kinship intends to you with a Happy Valentine's Day Quotes. "A genuine companion realizes your shortcomings however demonstrates to you your qualities; feels your feelings of dread yet sustains your confidence; sees your nerves yet liberates your soul; perceives your incapacities yet underlines your conceivable outcomes." – William Arthur Ward
Despite the fact that we express how we feel pretty much every other day of the year, on Valentine's Day, it is in every case increasingly hard to put sentiments on paper. Before you start composing your genuine valentine message consider the individual you are writing to so its Valentine's Day Quotes assist you with expressing your sentiments and love to your sweethearts, lady friends, guardians, closest companions, and your family.
It is constantly essential to initially adore yourself. These Valentines Day Messages Quotesserve as a notice of the fact that it is so imperative to cherish yourself first. Offer these Valentine's Day Love messages rouse you to design an uncommon day for your unique somebody.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes  & Status in Hindi

1. yaadon ka yah kaaravaan hamesha rahega. door jaate hue bhee pyaar vahee rahega, maaf karana mil nahin sake aapase, yakeen rakhana aankhon mein intazaar vahee rahega ! happy valaintinai\ day 2019

valentines day
2. kisee ka yah soch kar saath na chhodana, kee usake paas kuchh nahin tumhen dene ke lie, bas yah soch kar saath nibhaana kee usake paas, kuchh nahin tumhaare siva khone ke lie ! vailentain divas 2019 kee haardik shubhakaamanaayen

Valentines Day Quotes
3. dil kee kitaab mein gulaab usaka tha, raat kee neend mein khvaab usaka tha, hai kitana pyaar hamase jab ye hamane poochh liya, mar jaayenge tere bin ab ye javaab unaka tha !
lovai you & happy valaintinai 2019

Happy Valentines Day Quotes
4. agar banana hai to gulaab ke phool bano, kyonki ye phul usake haath mein bhee khushabu chhod dete hain, jo ise masal kar phaink dete hain ! happy valaintinai & rosai day 2019

Happy Valentines Day Wishes
5. har phool kee ajab kahaanee hai, chup rahana bhee pyaar kee nishaanee hai, kaheen koee jakhm nahin phir bhee, kyon dard ka ehesaas hai, lagata hai dil ka koee tukada, aaj bhee usake paas hai ! happy valaintinai day sms in hindi

Happy Valentines Day Wishes SMS

6. kitana janata hoga, vo shakhs mere baare mein, jisane poochh lie mere hansane par, ki tum udaas kyon ho!

Valentines Day Quotes  & Status in Hindi
7. tum tab tak pyaar se pyaar na karo, jab tak pyaar tumase pyaar na kare, pyaar ko itana pyaar karo, ki pyaar kisee aur se pyaar na kare ! lovai u

Happy Valentines Day
8. jis jis ne apane muhabbat mein, apane mahaboob ko khuda kar diya, khuda ne apane vajood ko bachaane ke lie, unako juda kar diya ! happy valaintinai day 2019

Happy Valentines Day Quotes
9. khavaish zara see hai bas zara see hee rahane do, aap mil gae ab koee hasarat baakee nahin, paas baith kar suno meree baat, kahane do mujhe dil kee baat ! haippee vailentain divas 2019

Happy Valentines Day Quotes  & Status
10. pyaar shabdon ka mohataaz nahin hota, dil mein har kisee ke raaz nahin hota, kyon intazaar karate hain sabhee valaintinai day ka, kya saal ka har din hakadaar nahin hota !

Happy Valentines Day Wishes
11. aaj ke is paavan vailentain de par, sabhee shraddhaalu navayuvakon se nivedan hai ki, laal gulaab ke phool aur chokalet ka daan, sundar ladakiyon ko karen !

12. na mein tumhe khona chaahata hoon, na teree yaad mein rona chaahata hoon, jab tak jindagee hai, main to bas tumhaare saath rahana chaahata hoon! vailentain de kee shubhakaamanaayen

Happy Valentines Day
13. apana hamasafar bana le mujhe, tera hee saaya hoon apana le mujhe, ye rat ka safar aur bhee haseen ho jaayega, too aaja mere sapanon mein ya bula le mujhe !

14. kisee na kisee pe kisee ko etabaar ho jaata hai, ajanabee koee shakhs yaar ho jaata hai, khoobiyon se nahin hotee mohabbat sada, khaamiyon se bhee aksar, pyaar ho jaata hai !

Happy Valentines Day Quotes  & Status in Hindi & English

1. This caravan of memories will always be. Even going away, love will remain the same, Sorry I could not find you, Keep your eyes fixed in the eyes! Happy Valentine's Day 2019 2. Do not give up thinking of anyone, To give it to you nothing, Just keep thinking about it with her, Nothing to lose except you! Wishes for Valentines Day 2019 3. The rose in his heart was his, Night sleet in her sleep, How much love we have when we asked, You will die, this is your answer! Love You & Happy Valentine 2019 4. If you want to become a rose flower, Because these flowers also leave the scent in his hand, Those who smell it and make a fank! Happy Valentine & Rose Day 2019 5. There is a strange story of every flower, Being silent is also a sign of love, There is no wound anywhere, Why is the pain of pain, Looks like a piece of the heart, He still has it! Happy Valentine's Day 6. How much public will be, That person about me Who asked me to laugh, Why are you sad! 7. Do not love with love till then, Until love does not love you, Love love so much, That love should not love anyone else! Love U 8. Whoever in his love, He insulted his greatness, God protects his existence, Separated them! Happy Valentine's Day 2019 9. Consciousness is just a little let alone, You have not yet got any rest, Sit down and listen to me, Let me say the heart! Happy valentines day 2019 10. Love words are not appealing, Not everyone has the secret to the heart, Why wait for all Valentine's Day Do not be entitled every day of the year! 11. On this today's holy Valentine's Day, All devotees are requested by the young man that, Red rose flowers Donate chocolate, make beautiful girls! 12. Do not want to lose you, No, I want to cry in your memory, As long as there is life, I just want to be with you! Happy valentines day 13. Make me your friend, Your own shadow is yours, The journey of this night will also be laughing, You come in my dreams or call me! 14. Anyone or anyone on the side of this, A stranger becomes a man, The merits do not always exist, More often than flaws, love goes away!

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