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What Is WordPress? How to Create Website?

How to Create Website

WordPress: Introduction

WordPress Is A Very Popular Website Platform Where You Can Create A Website. Nearly As Many Websites On The Internet Are Built Around Wordpress. Presently Let's Talk About What Is WordPress? WordPress Comes In A CMS Category. Presently You Might Be Wondering What Is CMS? CMS Means Content Management System Which Does Not Have To Make You A Lot Of Yourself, Such As Theme And Template Are Created And Can Be Easily Used. 

What Is WordPress? 

By and large WordPress Is A PHP And MySQL Open Source CMS. WordPress Is Installed In A Web Host. With the goal that Any Photo, Document And Link You Put On Your Website Can Be Stored In One Place. There Are Also Two Versions Of WordPress That You Can Run A Website Freely And Another That Requires Hosting. 

WordPress Is A Very Popular Blogging Platform. Numerous Companies Use This To Create Their Own Official Website. In the event that You Also Want To Create Your Blog On WordPress.Org, It Is Very Important That You Know About It And You Create Similar Blogs So That You Can Complete Your Website Hosting And Expenses By Earning From The Website. Found 

Easy Content Can Be Written And Public On WordPress. We should Talk About Popularity That Today's WordPress Has A Number Of Self-Hosting Login Tools In The World. How about we Use That Number Is Very Much All Over The World. It Started In 2003. WordPress Is Considered To Be The Master Of The World Of Blogging. In Today's Era We Can Not Imagine Blogging Without Wordpress. 

As a matter of first importance, You Need A Web Hosting To Create Your Website On WordPress. On The Internet, You Will Find Many Companies That Offer You A Cheap Hosting Offer, But You Can Buy Web Hosting. In the event that We Talk About Which Of These Two Are Used More Often, Let Us Know That The People Of WordPress.Org Are Very Much Used If You Want To Create A Business Blog Or Website, Then You Start At WordPress.Org Can. 

Blogging On WordPress

On the off chance that You Are Blogging, You Must Have Heard The Name Of WordPress And You May Have Also Noticed That All Top Blogger Creates Their Blogs In WordPress. There Is Not Only This Platform For Blogging On The Internet But There Is Also Another Platform Which Is Very Popular Which Is Called Blogger.Com, Which Is Free Service By Google. Also, The Second Popular Blogging Platform Is WordPress. 

Blogger.Com Is A Blogging Platform Where You Do Not Have To Pay Any Money, You Can Use It For Free. In any case, If You Use WordPress, You Need Your Doamin And A Website Hosting. For This We Also Wrote An Article, What Is Web Hosting? In This Article, You Can Find Out How Many Types Of It Are And How It Is Used. 

On the off chance that You Are A Brand New Blogger, Start Your Blogging Career With Blogger.Com Because It Is Free And You Will Gradually Experience How Articles Are Written On The Internet And How They Are Managed. You Will Learn All Such Work, Then You Can Transfer Your Website To WordPress. You Can Also View Our Article For Transfer. 

For what reason Is WordPress So Popular? 

So Far You Have Told You What Is WordPress? Furthermore, What Are The Plugins? Be that as it may, Why Is WordPress So Popular With Other Website Platforms? Some More Information About This Are Sharing To You As We Have Already Told You That WordPress Is An Open Source Platform Open Source Means That You Can Use Any Thing Without Your Money According To Your Kaam And Its Source Code Is Free. In any case, For This You Need A Hosting Because It Has No Hosting Server Itself, That Is Why You Need A Server To Keep Your Photos And Content On Google. Which You Have To Buy From Server Company. You Can Edit More On WordPress. 

Second, The Biggest Reason For This Is That It Is Very Easy To Use. You Can Post Any Article Quickly And Post It. Aside From This, You Can Put Videos In It. Change The Color Along With It. Plus, Lots Of Install Plugins So You Can Make Changes. 

In the event that You Want To Create A Great Quality Website, WordPress Is Your Best Platform Because You Can Make Your Favorite Changes In It. So If You Want To Create A Good Website Then You Can Use WordPress To Give Your Website The Look Of A Brand New And Great Quality. For This You Have To Use Plugin. 

WordPress Is A SEO Friendly Platform That Helps You To Get Google's Ranking As Quickly As Possible. For This You Can Use Yoast SEO And Another Plugin. At whatever point You Do Some Searches On The Internet, Top Content Is Shown, It Is The Work Of SEO That Lets Your Website Get In Early Search. 

Introducing WordPress Is Very Easy If You Want To Install WordPress From Your Hosting, You Can Install It On There As Well. Aside From This You Can Also Create Your Website By Visiting WordPress.Org. This Will Take You 5 To 10 Minutes. 

What Is A WordPress Plugin? 

Wordpress Is So Popular Because Of Plugins That You Can Do A Lot Of Editing With The Help Of Plugin, Due To Which It Is Becoming Popular And You Will Find It So Many Plugin That You Can Not Think. You Can Install Plugins That You Want To Edit. As You Install The Application Of Android Mobile From Your Play Store According To Your Requirement, In The Same Way You Can Also Install Any Plugin In Wordpress And Edit It In Your WordPress Website. 

In the event that You Understand The Plugin In A Straightforward Language, It Is A Kind Of Feature, By Installing It, You Can Make Many Changes To Your Blog. There Is No Such Plugin For Doing This On Blogger.Com. You Only Need To Edit Its Templates For This. On the off chance that You Talk About WordPress Plugin, You Will Find Almost 45,000 Plugin In WordPress. Aside From This, Third Party Plugin And Premium Plugin Are Also Available. On the off chance that WordPress Did Not Have A Plugin, It Would Not Have Been So Popular.

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